open call for designers (fashion, jewelry, accessories)

Call for Progressive Fashion Designers, Jewelry and Accessory Designers -- Contour Magazine --

ATLANTA, GA - July 19, 2004: Are your designs leaps or even lightyears beyond mainstream? Are you a progressive, burgeoning clothing/jewelry/accessory designer with ideas that can’t wait for mainstream adoption? Would you like to have your designs featured in an adventurous, international publication that fuses art, fashion, and invention?
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About me

Well apparently i have to do this so here goes!

:Name: Camilla/mooncub
:Location: Kenardington, Kent, UK
:Favorite Medium: Ummm, probably acrylics or pencil.
:Favorite Artist: My fave artists are Andy worhol, Nick Knight, Versace and Monnet.

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Hi my name is Tracy. Im 16 and from California. My favorite medium is watercolor. I have a lot of favorite artists, but my very favorite is probably the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

My MacBeth watercolor.

By the way..what does 'lj-cut.' mean?

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Hey. I noticed there's one other member, but I know there are butt heads who are waiting around but are too afraid to jump in, I haven't really started posting anything yet I have a few pictures but this suit and tie job won't give me a break. but feel free to post whatever, whenever